School has tremendous responsibility in shaping and preparing students, so that they are able to face the challenges they encounter. Student should be exposed to ample opportunities, thus enabling them to achieve the fullest development of their innate qualities. To attain this, attitudes must be shaped. This should be done during the formative days. And in a positive environment, even a marginal performer's output goes up. We, on our part, provide this positive environment to the students and help them reach greater heights.

Dear Parents,

Today's youths are faced with great expectations from the nation and they have to be better informed and well equipped to meet challenges in all spheres of life. Exposure to real life situations, creative expression, a scientific out look and pragmatic approach should be the prime ingredients of our educational process. The school should be adais to bring out the potentials of the children. The aim of education should be an allround development of the child. And our institution has taken up this great responsibility and we are sure to achieve this with the whole hearted co-operation from our dear parents.