Private schools are mushrooming by the day. Need less to say, the quality of education possess a great question.

The need of the hour is a comprehensive education keeping in view, the country's rich cultural background while inculcating a scientific temper, thus opening vistas for the multifaceted development of the child's personality.

So, it is necessary to provide a fabric for inculcation of good habits and moral values besides academic excellence and intellectual development. Thus, the endeavour is to instill in the child, positive attitudes, absolute values, team spirit, self respect, punctuality and above all a sense of compassion for fellow human beings.

And that is just what our institution is striving to accomplish. Grammar Higher Secondary School, has been able to stand aloft and maintain its standard ever since its establishment in 1996.

The institution is run by the Shri Shiv Balak Memorial Society with Shri S.N.Yadav as the managing Director, under whose invaluable guidance and informed advice the school has been flourishing and prospering in leaps and bounds. And Mr. R.K.Yadav (Manager), who never shuns innovation and whose unsustained organizational skills, sincerity and unrelenting support to all that is in the best interests of the school, all of which has made it possible for the institution to acquire place. The school runs classes from Nursery to Xth standard. The medium of instruction is Hindi and English with co-education system.